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Welcome to Sixty Feet.

Sixty Feet was started from a desire to participate in God’s work in remand centers in Uganda. Our mission is

Bringing Hope and Restoration to the imprisoned children of Africa in Jesus’ name.

God has moved in our hearts and in the hearts of so many others that are supporting this work. The response from people around the world has been tremendous. The outpouring of prayers and support for imprisoned children has been awe-inspiring. It leaves us humbled and encouraged to see others rise up to share the love of Jesus with the least of our brothers and sisters.

The story continues to be written. Be a part of setting the captives free. Learn what we are doing and how you can help.

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Amidst all that we see in the prisons, we can still give glory to our King, because He is King, He is Messiah, and He is Emmanuel, with us, with them.

Set the captives free. Donate Now