Immediate needs and long-term restoration For

Imprisoned Children of Uganda

Sixty Feet provides a Gospel-centered continuum of care for critically vulnerable children that includes minimizing contact with the law, providing for critical needs, and supporting long-term restoration.

About Us

Who We Are

Sixty Feet began its ministry in Uganda in 2010. Starting with a few simple things and a few people in one particular prison facility, the ministry has grown in experience, knowledge, expertise, numbers, and outreach.

Bridging the gap

Our Vision

Vulnerable children in Uganda often end up on contact with the law. The reasons include everything from legal trouble, to being a victim of trafficking, being a child soldier and seeking refuge, living on the streets, being lost or abandoned, or being a victim of abuse or poverty.

In each facility, the government provides minimal necessities. Therefore, Sixty Feet bridges the gap between what the child need, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and developmentally, and what they are given.

Happy Little Boy
What We Do

Our Programs

Child Development

Our Child Development programs supports imprisoned children and formerly imprisoned children in school. Our programs range from sponsorship in special education skills, to vocational skills training app.

Medical Care

Our medical team provides medical care for over 5,000 children each year. We provide both preventative and acute care for imprisoned children in Uganda.

Family Reunification

Reuniting children with their families is crucial to our work. When done well, children do not end up back in the facilities and break the cycles of poverty, crime, and trauma in their lives.

Biblical Counseling

Sixty Feet provides both individual and group counseling. Our counseling program runs in coordination with our discipleship program so that we are always connecting healing with the love, hope, and peace found in Christ.

Critical Needs

The facilities that house imprisoned children lack basic needs. Therefore, Sixty Feet provides for these basic, yet critical needs, such as soap, toilet paper, and food.

Legal Advocacy

Sixty Feet longs to break the cycles of injustice that is common in third world countries. Therefore, we work to provide for the legal needs of children before they arrive in the facilities and once they are there.