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Legal Advocacy

Sixty Feet longs to break the cycles of injustice that is common in third world countries. Therefore, we work to provide for the legal needs of children before they arrive in the facilities and once they are there.

There are few things more important in overcoming extreme poverty than access to the law.

The rights of the poor in many parts of the world are frequently trampled on and ignored. Access to the legal system for all is a principle that is espoused, but often left undone. Uganda, as a former British Colony, has much in common with the legal system in many parts of the world. But while the right laws and legal processes are in place, Uganda has a difficult time executing them. Whether it be lack of resources or corruption, the poor, and in particular children, lack access to the courts and the legal system.

Children in these situations are the “least of the least”. Sixty Feet stands in the gap to advocate for the voiceless and help them gain access to the justice system. Partnering with Pepperdine Law School in 2013, Sixty Feet helped to clear the backlog of cases in the remand homes and the prison. Children that were languishing for months, and in some cases years, were able to have their case heard and resolved. To prevent another backlog Sixty Feet now does simple things like ensure children get to court on their assigned date and that a parent or guardian is present whenever possible.