Sixty Feet

Giving Catalog

Critical Needs

Most children enter the facilities with only the clothing they are wearing. These children need essential supplies to continue to stay healthy, clean, and strong. Help us provide essential supplies to care for these children.

Toothpaste and toothbrushes

$30 per month

Bleach and other cleaning supplies

$70 per month

Toilet Paper and sanitary pads

$70 per month

Shampoo and Soap

$80 per month

Counseling and Discipleship

You can help make an eternal impact by providing our counselors and discipleship team with the materials they need to teach and counsel children well. Bibles, teaching materials, snacks, and follow-up materials are crucial to our program.


$10 per bible


$25 per month

Teaching Materials

$10 per month

Connecting Children to a Local Church at Home

$75 per child


Our medical team performs both consistent care and emergency medical care for children in each facility.

Medications for 1 facility

$270 per month

Nutrient Dense Food for children with HIV

$185 per month

Medical Emergencies

$800 per month

Bed Bug and Lice Spray

$100 per month

Justice and Education

We provide justice to children by making sure they go to court on time and we reunite children with their families whenever possible. When in prison, we give the children life-skills that allow them to be productive with their time. This includes English classes, tailoring classes, and more. Additionally, when a resettled child is critically vulnerable, we try to place them in a vocational training program where they can learn a trade and break the cycle of poverty in their life.

Family Reunification

$65 per child

Fuel to Court

$150 per month

Tailoring Classes

$100 per month

Vocational Training

$270 per child