Our Programs

Child Development

Our Child Development programs supports imprisoned children and formerly imprisoned children in school. Our programs range from sponsorship in special education skills, to vocational skills training apprentices, to traditional schooling.

Sixty Feet’s child sponsorship program provides opportunities for education while children are imprisoned and for some children who have been reunited with their families, but need additional support to remain at home and out of contact with the law.

Within the facilities, some children are sponsored in traditional school, while others attend our basic literacy and English classes. We also provide some vocational skills training, so that children can learn valuable skills that can help support them and their families when they go home.

We provide school fees, uniforms, and requirements on a sliding scale basis. For children who have been reunited with their families, every family is expected to pay something towards their child’s education, no matter how small. Parents, guardians, and caretakers want to feel the dignity of providing for those in their care. We follow-up with all our sponsored children and families on a regular basis to ensure progress in school, provide opportunities for discipleship and counseling, and monitor health.

Sixty Feet also supports 12 special needs children from one of the facilities. These children attend boarding school and Sixty Feet provides for all their fees, medical care, and more. These children are thriving and one has even recently joined a shoe-making school!

Sixty Feet currently sponsors children in primary school, secondary school, vocational training and apprenticeships, special needs schools, and in higher-education. Because of the variety of children in our program, our sponsorship levels vary. However, any size gift, monthly or one-time, will make a huge difference in the lives of children and their families. To learn more about sponsoring a specific child to sponsor email [email protected]