Our Programs

Family Reunification

Reuniting children with their families is crucial to our work. When done well, children do not end up back in the facilities and break the cycles of poverty, crime, and trauma in their lives. It also alleviates the pressure in the facilities, as many are overcrowded.

An intact family is a key indicator in escaping extreme poverty.

The majority of the children we work with have experienced broken relationships within their family units. Often times we see children from single parent homes. Other times, the child may have been lost on the busy streets of a big city, trafficked to the street, or the child ran away because his/her needs were not being met.

Many children end up on the streets, sleeping in cardboard boxes, begging, searching for scraps, and stealing to survive. These children almost always end up in the criminal justice system, transported to a facility where we serve.

Therefore, the work of family reunification is complex and requires our wise and skillful staff to not only prepare the child, but also the family for the reunification. Sixty Feet works with individual children in the justice system to prepare them to return home by providing extensive counseling with a Bible-based curriculum. We also talk with the family so we can provide guidance and support during the transition. Sixty Feet works in conjunction with the government to escort the children home. Finally, we monitor progress through follow-up visits to ensure every resettled child is happy, healthy and thriving.