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Critical Needs

The facilities that house imprisoned children lack basic needs. Therefore, Sixty Feet provides for these basic, yet critical needs, such as soap, toilet paper, and food.

There is an old African proverb “An empty stomach has no ears.” At Sixty Feet we know the value of living the good news in both word and deed.

Every year, thousands of children come into contact with the law. Hundreds of children in Uganda are swept off the streets for begging and locked up. Many children arrive through the juvenile justice system prepared to serve their sentence. On occasion, a parent or step parent will bring a child and leave him at the facility so she or he can be punished for something done at home.

These facilities are under-funded and under-resourced, resulting in difficult conditions. Your partnership with Sixty Feet will meet critical, essential needs including supplemental food, clothing, hygiene items and new mattresses for children to sleep.

Sixty Feet aims to fill the gap between what the children need and what the government provides. For example, many children arrive at the prison with little clothing – for boys, usually just a pair of shorts that they’re wearing. They sometimes tie harsh sackcloth around their waists to cover themselves if their clothes have worn out or if they are handwashing their one set of shorts. Other times, the facilities will run out of food and, without your support, the children would not eat. However, because of your support of Sixty Feet, we are able to step in and help provide food until the facilities receive more.