Our Programs

Biblical Counseling and Discipleship

Sixty Feet provides both individual and group counseling. Our counseling program runs in coordination with our discipleship program so that we are always connecting healing with the love, hope, and peace found in Christ.

Many children who end up in the facilities have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ, and have never been taught or modeled Christian values. They’ve grown up with little or no spiritual nurturing and it has left a gaping void in their young lives.  Without the knowledge that Christ loves them and has a plan for their lives, imprisoned children have little reason to hope for anything better – and no real reason to change.

Sixty Feet’s qualified Ugandan counselors meet with boys and girls in the facilities every week.  Our Bible-centered counseling curriculum is tailored to address the specific challenges these children face – dealing with issues of abandonment, abuse, anger, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Counseling sessions take place in both group settings and one-on-one.  Our counselors use the Bible as a roadmap, teaching Christian values, leading worship, and encouraging imprisoned children to trust God to help them through their struggles and fears.

Some of our counselors have lived the street life in the past and know from raw experience what the children in the facilities are going through.  One member of our team was actually locked up at the children’s prison when he was a teenager, swept off the streets in a police round up.  He’s living proof that Jesus Christ transforms imprisoned children for His glory.

Youth participating in Sixty Feet’s counseling program graduate with a certificate, showing they’re ready to move on with their lives and – with God’s help – break the cycle of harmful behaviors.  Sixty Feet also conducts baptisms at the children’s prison for any who profess Christ and ask to be baptized.